03 PRODUCTS / L-451

Basic engineering concepts of the multi-purpose aircraft L-451

Lightweight multi-purpose airplane with short take-off and landing L-451 was constructed by LLC "LAPLAN" on the production basis of Financial & Industrial Group "New Transport Technologies" ("Novye Transportnye Tekhnologyi").

The principal concept targets of the multi-purpose small aviation aircraft developed by the specialists of "LAPLAN" are the following:
- Creation of a series of inexpensive, manufacturable and easily operated multi-purpose planes of small aviation with various carrying capacity of 200 1000 kg, notable for advanced take-off and landing characteristics, stability, controllability and higher cruising parameters meant for the complex engineering and building-up of the inexpensive mobile air transport network in order to assist the development of middle and small capital business, particularly for the regions difficult of access with unformed cargo and passenger flow (North regions, the Far East, Kazakhstan, South-East Asia, etc), as well as for the special purpose application (Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Response, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc).
- Launching onto the foreign markets of small aviation through creation of an aircraft series of the given type with advanced competitive characteristics and various set-up, including a simplified assembly of kit planes type.

Lightweight multi-purpose airplane L-451 fits into the normal category aircrafts according to the norms classification FAR-23,

AP-23 and is meant for the passenger and cargo carriage with a gross weight of up to 400kg.

Three isolated doors in the fuselage allow an easy and quick reequipping of the plane according to different variants of application:
- passenger and cargo carriage;
- rescue of people from the zones of ecologic or natural disasters;
- rendering of emergency medical care, especially in the thinly populated regions;
- forest patrolling for fire-prevention reasons, transportation and landing of the paratroopers for the fire control;
- air patrolling of power lines, oil and gas pipelines;
- initial flight training;
- transportation and landing of paratroopers and cargo of special assignment, etc.

The aircraft has provisions for solving of the above problems without any fundamental changes of the base plane variant.

LLC "LAPLAN" based the concept of aircraft L-451 on a range of demands to aerodynamics, construction, technological process and operation:
- increased safety of flight in all operation modes;
- advanced flight, technical, take-off and landing characteristics;
- easy and simple pilotage control;
- stationing outside the airfields on unpaved grounds of a limited space;
- comfortable flight conditions for the passengers and crew;
- manufacturing of a basic and cheap low-tech aircraft in a short space of time for the following delivery to the Customer either in a kit plane form or fully assembled;
- high level of operation capacity.

Thus, the target of the development of aircraft L-451 was set on the creation of a basic, cheap and operationally frugal plane, that will be competitive in its price, will have give-away flight hour cost and low operation expenses.

The modified aircraft with the diesel engine of Centarion 4.0 type, power output 310 h. p., has been developed as well.