03 PRODUCTS / L-471

Basic engineering concepts of the multi-purpose amphibian plane L-471

Amphibian aircraft L-471 was constructed by LLC "LAPLAN", Financial & Industrial Group "New Transport Technologies" ("Novye Transportnye Tekhnologyi").

Engineering of the hydroplanes in Russia surpassed in some of the working lines the similar developments abroad.

These aircrafts are in big demand, mainly on the Western market. Accordingly, the possible regions of the planes application abroad are of interest, namely: Baltic and Mediterranean regions, Australia and Oceania, countries of the South-East Asia, islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, rivers of the South America, coast of Chile and Argentina, the Persian Gulf region, etc.

The spheres of the hydroplanes application are even more numerous that those of the ordinary aircrafts, because the former can land both on dry land and water surface. The main application targets are the following:
  - transportation that involves usage of the inner basins and coastal water areas;
  - protection of the breeding zones and commercial prey of the sea animals and plants;
  - fire extinguishing;
  - medical care;
  - search and rescue operations on water with the opportunity to board the injured person and take him to the dry land;
  - fish areas exploration;
  - interaction with the sailing vessels;
  - economic monitoring of the water surface with the possibility of partial localization of the oil products stain;
  - ice patrol;
  - tourism, expeditions;
  - special purpose application in the scope of activity of Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Response, Ministry of Internal Affairs, frontier guards, etc.

Lightweight multi-purpose amphibian aircraft L-471 fits into the normal category aircrafts according to the norms classification FAR-23, AP-23 and is meant for the passenger and cargo carriage with a gross weight of up to 400 kg.

The modified aircraft with 7-8 seats and a turbo-prop engine of M-601E type, power output 750 h. p., has been developed as well.